Account opening, closing, or management

To whom it may concern : Let me begin by saying I have never been made to feel so insulted and embarrassed in a business as I was in the XXXX branch of PNC Bank. Just before closing on Monday, XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX I entered the PNC Bank above to make a withdrawal.

My withdrawal was for over XXXX dollars. I stated to the teller that I needed at least XXXX dollar bills. I was told they did n’t have XXXX dollar bills in the whole bank to give me. She proceeded to give me a combination of XXXX and XXXX with about XXXX dollar bills. I explained I was uncomfortable carrying that much loose cash on my person and was told that because of a run on XX/XX/XXXX that the bank was short on large bills. At that time I asked to speak with the Bank Manager. I was introduced to XXXX and she gave me the same explanation. This all occurred while another teller was counting ‘large bill ‘ cash within eyesight of us. I pointed this out to the Bank Manager, but instead of acknowledging it she became indignant. I had already told the teller to cancel the transaction and went to pickup my withdrawal slip and leave when XXXX reached for the slip, instead grabbing my hand. All the while she was raising her voice like a mad person. The exchange was quickly turning ugly and so at that point I moved to leave while she loudly ordered the teller ( so everyone in the bank could hear ) not to give me the funds, thinking she was punishing me. She not knowing I had already cancelled the transaction.

Next she shouted that I should n’t touch her when, in fact, she grabbed my hand. This was her attempt to further incriminate me ; making me look like the bad hombre. I knew at this point she was trying to stir up trouble and paint me as the villain. All I came into the bank to do was make a simple withdrawal. Instead I was shouted down and treated like an animal. All while being falsely accused. I have been a loyal PNC customer for many years and I do n’t have an axe to grind with anyone on the staff at this branch. In fact, many of them know me on a first name basis and we are always cordial towards each other. But it appears XXXX feels she can take it upon herself to randomly attack and indict PNC customers. To say that XXXX response was unprofessional would be an affront to the word ‘unprofessional ‘. At the very least she needs refresher training on how to treat the bank ‘s customers.

I am writing to state my treatment was unacceptable and a direct affront to me and every other customer doing business with PNC Bank. We deposit our money in your bank and expect courteous and timely service when come there to conduct business. Instead we are castigated and belittled when asking for the smallest accommodation. Consider this the lodging of my formal complaint.

Regards, XXXX Note : since this complaint was lodged with PNC – Retail Escalations XXXX has vindictively closed my checking accounts without my authorization

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