Account opening, closing, or management

Thought I opened a regular checking account with PNC Bank, included a deposit of {$2000.00} that occurred on Saturday, XX/XX/2016. However, I was unable to access the account, so I called customer support on Monday XX/XX/2016. I am unable to access my account or the funds without a ” signature card ”, which I ‘m told is a piece of paper I have to physically sign ( note that, as far as I can tell, this card is not a method of payment, but rather solely used to contain a signature. I asked why, and was told the card is used to verify my information. I asked, do you not already have my social security number, driver ‘s license, and {$2000.00} deposit? I was told that, for some reason, a physical card with my signature was necessary. I was also told the card takes 3-5 business days to receive. However, I have not received any such card. I then tried to close my account over the phone and have my funds returned to my issuing account. They also said this would be impossible without the ” signature card ”. Is this not a violation of FDIC laws? The deposit was less than {$5000.00}, meaning there ‘s no reasonable expectation for the bank to issue a hold for this period of time. Phone representative : XXXX XXXX

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