Account opening, closing, or management

I wanted to close my checking account with PNC Bank about a month ago due to the fact they were charging me overdraft fees because my online bill pay was deducting bills only hours before my paycheck was deposited, but it was overdrafting my account. This happened a few times before I gave up and decided to switch banks. XXXX weeks ago, I attempted to close my account and they said I could n’t because I had pending charges. I ‘ve gone back every week since, and they have said I still have pending charges. Saturday, XXXX, I went in and they told me I had {$1.00} in my account, but I still could not close my account due to a pending charge. Okay, fine. Today, I woke up and I am {$6.00} OVERDRAWN due to a service charge they hit me with this morning, all for going in to speak to a teller about closing my account. When I called and explained why I was upset, their office XXXX suggested I bring the account to a XXXX balance before coming into the branch office tomorrow to again try to close the account, and she said MAYBE they could refund me the service charge. She said if I did n’t add money to this stupid account to bring it to a positive balance, I was subject to a {$39.00} dollar overdraft fee — the entire reason I wanted to close this account in the first place. This bank is literally out for every single cent they can get off of people. I am underemployed, buried in student loan debt, and I work very hard for my money so paying a ridiculous amount in fees and having to give up time every week to go in and attempt to close an account is really bothersome. Oh, and they wo n’t refund my fees, because that ‘s the entire reason I ‘m closing my account down. This bank is manipulative, deceitful, and greedy.

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