Account opening, closing, or management

I bought something off ebay and was required to go through paypal ( which ebay owns ). I had a previously used paypal account that I had used once a few months ago with no problem. I checked out using that account. With no warning and without asking permission, it put that charge on paypal ‘s own credit line ( Paypal Credit ). I had never signed up for it, even though I had received incessant email advertisements for it. I was not informed in any way to my email or through any other means of communication that it had been added to that credit line. I only found out because a week later I was reading over my bank statement and saw the charge had n’t been added to it. I then went to paypal to determine what the problem was ( whether it was still pending etc. ) and found out it had been added to their Paypal Credit system without my knowledge. I was then required to give them my bank account information and link my bank ‘s information in order to pay it off instead of just being able to pay it using my debit card ( as I originally intended to and had done before through them ). While I was thankfully able to realize this before I was charged interest, I still believe this was a deceitful practice and caused me harm by requiring me to go through additional steps in order to pay off a charge which I never intended to put on their credit system.

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