Account opening, closing, or management

I ‘m a XXXX XXXX adult and Bank of America stole over {$340.00} of my XXXX money from a new checking account that I opened in order to prevent any fraud from occurring on my account again. On Friday XXXX XXXX just prior to XXXX CST when the claims department closes they removed the money from my new account without any warning or offer for payment plan. I still dispute the credit reversals that led to a negative balance after I closed the account at a local branch. Every banker I ‘d previously spoken to said that my new account could not be touched by the bank or anybody but myself. I had no means to prepare for the sudden removal of almost all funds I had left, since I ‘m on XXXX. They offered a friend of mine payment plans and additional help many times, though. I have visual documentation of all these events. I also have recorded information that proves they acted illegally by stealing funds from my new account. I want them to refund the money, explain why they did this, and compensate me for the money I had to borrow for immediate health purposes. I can prove all of this. Please help me, please. I have nothing left even for food. I also want them to pay a penalty fee to me for hurting me like this. I beg of you to intervene. Tell me what proof you want.

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