Account opening, closing, or management

I had my ties severed with my local Santander Bank in XXXX recently in XX/XX/XXXX and had my checking account closed after an incident ( I have received checks of a fraudulent nature which was n’t particularly my fault ) and I was given a warning to my bank.However, I ‘m still forced to pay Santander ‘s Line of Credit Overdraft Protection Service which I find to be unfair if I ‘m no longer tied to the ban and have to pay back {$3000.00} I felt like I got XXXX to pay off a massive bill and I kept getting harassing phone calls from Santander after missing a payment and being called 5 consecutive times. I shouldnt be forced to pay a bill and get attacked with interest rates I was deceived by my bank that I could cancel the service but then I was told Have to pay the full amount back and I ‘m struggling to find employment to pay this off.

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