Account opening, closing, or management

I was told if I opened an account that after I put in {$500.00} by a certain date I would receive {$100.00}, and after {$2000.00} I would receive another {$200.00}. I opened by account in XXXX. On XXXX XXXX I met the {$2000.00}. I was told I had 8 weeks before I would receive the money. I never received the money by XXXX XXXX. I went to the bank that I opened the account at and was told I met all requirements and should have the money by XXXX XXXX. After the XXXX I called sun trust complaints department and was told I had someone working my account. A couple days later I was called and told that I was supposed to open XXXX accounts to receive the money. This is not what I or my sister were told when we XXXX opened our accounts. I have another witness besides her that was in the office when i opened the account. We were never told that we had to open XXXX accounts. She has already gotten fed up with suntrust and closed her account, going back to XXXX XXXX XXXX. I now have XXXX complaints with the bank because it has been over two weeks since I have heard anything from the bank and over a month since I was supposed to receive the money. They act like they do n’t even care. Even if there was suppose to be XXXX accounts opened, they should honor the {$200.00} they promised me. It was the the bank ‘s fault, not mine.

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