Account opening, closing, or management

In XXXX XXXX, I was asked by a Citizens Bank Investment Counselor XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX to take my IRA Account of {$93000.00} and invest my retirement funds with Citizen Investment Services and was orally quoted that my retirement account would yield ( at least ) 8 % OR greater but no less than 8 percent annually. The income would then be posted on the XXXX anniversary date of the investment. I became worried and very upset upon getting monthly statements from this new investment put forth by XXXX XXXX XXXX. In fact, my $ XXXX investment within months showed a decrease in excess of {$4000.00}. I became so upset when receiving statement after statement with a huge loss of my retirement funds, I made several phone calls and e-mails to XXXX XXXX who explained that when ( in XXXX XXXX ) the posting of my first anniversary dividend … that I would see a huge dividend and increase to my investment. I really thought XXXX XXXX was being honest with me, however, I soon learned that he lied to me about the return on my investment and too, that an investment friend whom I later became associated with told me about FINRA, an organization that keeps track of investment brokers, etc. Much to my surprise, XXXX XXXX had a complaint lodged against him for which he was found responsible for and too made to make restitution of {$9100.00}. I did file a complaint with XXXX XXXX ‘s parent company located in Massachusetts, however, they too, replied to me with bold face lies as to the scenario of events and too, what XXXX XXXX told me. In fact, to prove my point, XXXX XXXX, probably through a mistake copied my entire file he had on me, sent to to an investment broker and included a brochure which stated that the investment could yield better than 8 % or better. This proved that I did not just make up the percentage return on my IRA investment nor that I fabricated anything. I just received my XXXX XXXX Statement and AFTER SIX YEARS, my principal balance increased ONLY {$10.00}. Citizens Investment Services USED my {$93000.00} and probably earned 30 % or better. This is morally, ethically and criminal. Lastly, I did find out that the Security and Exchange Commission has repeatedly fined the Citizens Group of wrongful acts among its many spin-off subsidiaries. I NEED YOUR HELP to get my investment back together with the dividend income promised me, since inception. I am enclosing several documents and can give you the name of someone who has additional information in this matter.

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