Account opening, closing, or management

I applied for a home mortgage with Wells Fargo bank, the process started on XXXX XXXX the banker agents in charged of this loan were XXXX XXXX, Home Mortgage Consultant Fax:XXXX Office : XXXX Ext:XXXX XXXX, NMLSR ID XXXX and XXXX Mortgage Processor ( Lo ) Office:XXXX Ext : XXXX XXXX NMLSR ID : XXXX. The process was slow because I could n’t find a house for the amount I was approved for, first I was approved {$350.00}, XXXX however i found a house priced {$230000.00} and with a {$11000.00} down i was putting and a negotiation with my attorney i received a credit from seller which made the loan amount to go down to {$200000.00}. The bank requested a lot of documents to verify my income, and everything they asked me for i submitted it to process the loan, I have gotten several commitment letter from Well Forgo stating i qualified, the only reason the real state agent gave me show me the houses were because i had a pre approved letter. The bank consultant requested to do an appraisal in the house i gave them my credit card paid for it and it was done under the assumption that i had the loan and i also paid for the house inspection. i spend the appraisal money and house inspection money because the bank reassurance that i would have the loan to buy this house. Wells Fargo for five months made me spend money for the appraisal, i paid an attorney fees, put a down-payment and for {$2500.00} down to start up the contact, i rented the place where I ‘m leaving now and i packed all my staff, consulted a house insurance and changed my car insurance to be with the same as the house Wells Fargo approve the loan for until the beginning of this month XXXX they at the last minute denied the loan because according to XXXX and XXXX my income Ratio was to high. My confusion is that since day one they run my credit report and seem all finance they knew what i had from the start why putting my hopes high and allowed me to spend money in appraisal if they knew i would n’t be able to get the loan. i want an investigation to be done and my money to be returned. I did everything they asked me for and participating providing all my finance information they reassurance by giving me commitment letter and at the last minute they back-down.

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