Account opening, closing, or management

In XXXX, Scottrade admitted that almost XXXX XXXX customers has their personal information exposed to hackers in XXXX and XXXX. I was XXXX of the victims who had their personal information exposed and let me tell you, despite what Scottrade says about the breach only including ” address information ” the breach exposed at least the following : 1. ) my password, which was poorly encrypted.
2. ) my SSN, which was stored in plain text.
3. ) my bank up questions.
4. ) et al.
The information accessed lead to a particularly bad instance of fraud which is still being investigated by policy today. In XXXX, a number of Scottrade accounts was hacked with over a XXXX dollars in fraudulent trades being conducted. Scottrade denies thus, but I was XXXX of the victims.

I am writing this complaint with the CFPB to set the record straight, Scottrade knows that the hack compromised individual account and the monies within the accounts yet it claims that user are at no risk.

Please do us all if favor, if you are an account holder, close you account before it is too late, if you do get hacked, Scottrade will make up a story and blame you for it.

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