Account opening, closing, or management

On XXXX XXXX 1994 I opened an IRA with Wachovia Bank ( for my retirement ) .I let the money sit and was going to add more monies to the account. However when I reached retirement age of XXXX went to withdraw y monies. By this time Wachovia had become Wells Fargo. So I approached the Wells Fargo Branch ( on Main St. ) in XXXX XXXX and was told my money was sent to unclaimed property. I contacted them and they said them I needed a date or at lest the year so that could look it up. I then went back to that Branch a few days later and was abruptly told not to come back to the Branch because they ca n’t help me! So I went to the XXXX, Ga. Branch and spoke to a Personal Banker XXXX XXXX XXXX. She looked up my information and said ” Oh this happened before I came to this country so I ca n’t help you ” .Now I ‘m really confused as to what ‘s going on? When I came home I looked at my paper work again and realized that the person that had opened my account changed the numbers on my form. But was unable to change it on my benefit form. I later spoke with several organizations, and sent many letters ( see attached ). I was told that because I did n’t withdraw my money within 5 years they no longer have records ( I find that hard to believe ). As I was told by a Wells Fargo correspondence specialist t hat because I did n’t take it out does not give them the right to steal my money, after all IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account .I do n’t understand why no one wants to acknowledge their error. I remember receiving a letter stating that maybe the money was transferred to another institution or the account was closed. That ‘s not and acceptable answer, since I did n’t authorize for it to be removed nor did I close the account. Even worst if they ‘re a respectable organization why did n’t they contact me of the change instead of just sweeping it under the rug?

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