Account opening, closing, or management

It recently came to my attention that last year I was placed XXXX by Bank of America. At the time last year there was a check deposited into my account by XXXX XXXX XXXX. I do not know these people and have never had any contact with them. I have never received any checks or any other form of currency from them. They committed fraud at my expense. Bank of America told me at the time of the deposit that they were force closing my account and I would be banned from ever doing business with Bank of America again. They did not tell me I was being sent XXXX. I was in shock having been a valued customer with no problems since the 1980 ‘s, Having just lost my husband and being under a Dr ‘s care XXXX it did not occur to me to go to the police nor was it suggested by the bank personell. Last month when I went to try to open an account to start a business is when I was informed XXXX and told I will remain there for 7 years. I in the meantime already had an existing account at another bank is another reason I did n’t know about XXXX. I have contacted Bank of America asking them to remove my name XXXX and am still waiting a response from the bank. The only thing they have told me so far is that I waited too long to dispute it, but had I known the full extent of being sent XXXX I would have done it immediately. I would appreciate any help you can give me in this matter.

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