Account opening, closing, or management

When I was XXXX I set up a student XXXX PNC Checking and Savings Account. I was told I would never be charged a fee for this service since I am a student. Last XXXX PNC upgraded my account and changed the terms and conditions of my account without telling me or having me sign anything. I called and they said they sent me something in the mail and that ‘s all the notification I needed for my account upgrade. They never did anything besides sending this letter, which I never received because I ‘m at school, I was never asked to sign anything to agree to the new charges and terms and conditions to my account. I was charged {$15.00} a month for an account that I never signed up for. PNC admitted it was a mistake for my account to be upgraded and said they would only reimburse me for XXXX of the XXXX+ months I was charged for having below a {$1500.00} minimum. I have never had more than {$2000.00} in my account at a time. PNC admitted it was a mistake and refuses to reimburse me for this fraud. They lied to me and waived my account terms and conditions as a student without my direct knowledge.

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