Account opening, closing, or management

I began receiving mail from USAA Bank confirming the establishment of my new XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX account. These mailings included account numbers, amounts, membership cards with account numbers, account disclosure statements, etc. I contacted USAA to inform them that I did not, and have never, dealt with USAA – and I was repeatedly transferred to different departments until the call was dropped. I was repeatedly told that they ( USAA ) could not discuss the account with me because it was ” restricted ”. USAA possesses all personal information for both me and my wife – I do n’t know how they came into possession of this information and they will not discuss anything with me – even though they have allowed this account to be established. FDIC is their regulatory authority and I can not understand why this account was opened in my name without proper due diligence … .rules state that proper identification must be obtained prior to opening an account. See XXXX XXXX for Banks, XXXX ( a ) ( XXXX ) Customer Identification Programs for banks, etc. I would like to pursue punitive measures against USAA Bank and XXXX XXXX, CEO., USAA Bank XXXX

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