Account opening, closing, or management

I had a personal and business checking account with US Bank back in 2013. I switched to a credit union and thought I had closed all my US Bank accounts. I had transferred last {$30.00} out of the business and put in personal since I rarely used the business. Unbeknownst to me, an automatic debit came out of the business account for {$21.00} from XXXX a month or so after I thought I closed it. I was never notified by USBank of overdraft. They proceeded to charge initial {$36.00} overdraft fee and {$25.00} overdraft on a weekly basis for 6 more weeks and then closed the account with another {$30.00} charge. This {$21.00} overdraft then turned into {$230.00}. I had not moved or changed address, phone or email, but never received notice of this overdraft and fees. Given it was closed quickly after it occurred and they wrote it off, it just sat on my record until I finally went to open a new checking account when I recently moved. I worked and banked XXXX since that overdraft occurred. I attempted to resolve with US Bank, but was advised to go to XXXX which sent me a report but now referred me here. I am not disputing the initial overdraft and perhaps the initial fee, but a few hundred dollars of fees piled on in six weeks without attempts to reach me are bit rediculous. I am not sure how to proceed at this point. I am not stuck with getting a special restricted bank account because of this item on my XXXX report which does not tell the whole story. I can not seem to get any help with US Bank to resolve since it is now written off. I would like to negotiate a lower amount to resolve it, but can not seem to get anyone to help me.

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