Account opening, closing, or management

I had a checking account with Bank of America for almost 5 years. In XXXX Bank of America changed the terms and conditions of the account and began charging a new monthly fee of {$12.00}. They never sought my agreement or that I had acknowledged or understood the changes they would make to my account. At the time of the change I received e-communications from the Bank. After review of all of the communications that I received by email at the time of the change, I do not see that any notice of the change of terms and conditions was emailed, nor an explanation of the new additional fee. I have called Bank of America to contest that these changes were made without my approval, consent, or notification. In total they have charged me a total of {$240.00} XXXX XXXX XXXX. They only agreed to take off a single {$12.00} fee. I attach the regular email notifications I received during the time when the change to the account took place. They show that there was no mention of changing fees or terms and conditions. It appears as though there were mail notices sent to an incorrect mailing address, however since I had signed up for e-communications this seems like an inadequate excuse for not properly informing the customer and they never sought acknowledgement on my end or agreement to new terms and conditions.

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