Account opening, closing, or management

Popular Community Bank has offered a {$120.00} bonus for opening checking account. ( Receive {$75.00} when you make XXXX ACH direct deposits of {$500.00} or more. Receive {$50.00} when you make XXXX online bill payments or preauthorized withdrawals. ) I accepted Popular Community Bank ‘s offer and opened checking account # XXXX ( letter attached ), made a required opening deposit and made preparations to fulfill bank ‘s requirements for the bonus. Imagine my astonishment and disappointment to find that Popular Community Bank has decided to close my account some XXXX weeks later after accepting my opening deposit. When I called the bank, I was told that account was submitting for closure because the closest bank ‘s branch is a XXXX miles away from my home. I tried, in vain, to explain to the bank ‘s representative that I am frequenting the areas in Florida when bank has branches, and generally conduct most of my banking on line, after all, it is XXXX XXXX and everybody has access to XXXX. Moreover, the account I opened is called online Checking with online Banking, online Bill Payment and Mobile Banking. At the end, I was told that the bank is unwilling to change its decision to close my account.

The bank has made a promise to credit a {$120.00} bonus upon opening of checking account to residents of Florida, New York and New Jersey. I live in Florida and I accepted bank ‘s offer by opening a required account and making a required opening deposit. XXXX of bank ‘s offer or a binding promise of bonus represents an unilateral contract for breach of which law provides a remedy. I was unable to complete the transactions necessary to receive a {$120.00} bonus because Popular Community Bank breached the contract by terminating my account without lawful justification or excuse. Popular Community Bank action of closing my account is a breached of contract and law affords remedy or a legal cause of action in which a binding agreement or bargained-for exchange is not honored.

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