Account opening, closing, or management

I signed up for the checking account promotion for the performance select checking where I should have received a bonus for meeting certain requirements within 60 days of opening the account. I was told by the branch person, XXXX XXXX, that if I direct deposit {$2500.00} I ‘d get {$200.00} and if I did {$5000.00} I ‘d get {$300.00}. Within the 60 days I direct deposited {$2500.00} but did not receive a bonus in my checking account, which is now six months old. Reading the fine print again, if I did n’t deposit {$5000.00} in the product type that the person opened for me, then I get nothing. That is not at all how it was explained to me in person, which was completely misleading. They should have put me in the right product, not what is best for her or the bank ‘s stats.

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