Account opening, closing, or management

XXXX : WHAT HAPPENEDI am complaining about a deceptive, negative-option add-on product called ” XXXX XXXX Solutions ” on PNC Merchant Services small business accounts. This is similar to the negative option affilliate marketing products that have been the bain of consumer accounts for years. The CFPB in its bank oversight role needs to nip this in the bud on the Small business accounts.

In XX/XX/XXXX I cancelled credit card processing on my PNC merchant bank account through PNC Merchant services. In XX/XX/XXXX I deactivated my credit card processing with them, and I stopped getting billed a monthly fee. In XX/XX/XXXX, they started charging a monthly fee for XXXX. They said that they imposed this charge via a letter that they sent me in XX/XX/XXXX advising me of the new fee, and they said they had the right to charge new fees according to the merchant agreement. This merchant agreement, they say has a pro-rate early termination charge. My early termination charge at this time they say would be {$450.00}. I dispute signing a three year agreement with an early termination charge. Also I argue a contract that they have the right to arbitrarily add charges is a contract of adhesion – and at best there is a duty of good faith and fair dealing in adding charges. In this case, a new {$24.00} charge for an inactive account for protection not needed or asked for is not good faith – especially when the letter they sent me was sent to an outdated address, a letter that did not get to me. On the other hand their statements do get to me electronically. They could have sent me the letter electronically as well.
Finally, PNC Merchant Services is a deceptive name. They claim they are separate from PNC bank. They were referred to me by PNC Bank, and they use PNC ‘s logo. I updated my address with PNC Bank in XX/XX/XXXX, I presumed ( wrongly, I guess ) that PNC Merchant Services would receive the updated address as well.

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