Account opening, closing, or management

XX/XX/2015, I opened a Money Market Account with Santander Bank and was told by XXXX different bank managers that the account would earn .90 %. Each month I have logged on to the bank ‘s web site ( which has continually advertised .90 % ), to deposit additional monies to that account. When I received tax information regarding the interest earned for 2015, I began to question whether I had in fact been getting .90 %. I spoke with the local branch manager and was told that .90 % was a promotional rate, that I received for an unspecified amount of time, and now this account was earning .40 %. At no time was I told this was a promotional rate, nor was I told that the .90 % rate would apply for a limited time only. I could not find any information to that effect on their web site. In fact, Santander has continued to offer the same .90 % rate all this time. I feel that this is unfair and deceptive advertising. I would not have put my money into their money market account had I known the rates would change at an arbitrary point in time unknown to me. Furthermore, at no time was I given access/information as to the actual interest rate the account received. I feel that they were not clear in their business practices and they solicited my business under false pretenses.

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