Account opening, closing, or management

XXXX XXXX I set up a joint account for my mother and I. We needed a way to share funds because we are purchasing a house together. I signed up for an account online. I received an email stating I needed to send a bank statement to verify my identity, so I sent XXXX. I later received a call saying that was n’t good enough because they tried calling my credit union to verify my information but the credit union would n’t share information. Why call my credit union when everyone knows they ‘re not going to give out my information? Why ever ask for the bank statement in the first place if the statement itself was n’t enough?

So then they asked for more information. I clearly explained to the person on the phone that I was at a new address and did not have any bills at the new address yet and my license still had my old address. He said I could send a copy of my license and a copy of a bill for the current address with my roommate ‘s info and that would be sufficient. I sent XXXX items and did not get a request for any additional information.

Then last week I got a check in the mail for my account balance and notification that my account was closed. When I called to find out why, they said the information was not sufficient. I asked why and they could not explain why because the notes did n’t have any details. Then they said they could reopen the account. So I waited for a personal banker to get on the line, we went through my request, and they said I would be contacted within 1-2 days to let me know what information they needed to finish reopening the account.

A week later I had n’t heard from anything so I called back. After 10 minutes on the phone, someone finally said that I could not reopen an account that had been opened online. Why was I told differently the previous week? Why did I waste a week waiting for a phone call that was never going to come? They want me to start the process all over without being able to explain to me why the previous documents were not enough and what I can do differently to make sure the account opens correctly. They want me to risk wasting a bunch of time trying to open this account again. I have now wasted a month and a half trying to set up an account. A month and a half I could have been progressing on the house purchasing process. And all because Citi ca n’t figure out what documents they want and how to do basic communication with a customer.

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