Account opening, closing, or management

My complaint is against Bank of America and their handling of my mom ‘s payable upon death accounts. My brother, sister and I were told over the phone to come in, bring the death certificate, identification and we would be issued a check for our money at that time. Instead, when we arrived and filled out the appropriate paperwork and provided identification, they informed us that we had to wait 15 days for their legal department to review our request. They would n’t say why they needed to review, but they just needed to review as ” policy ”. After we objected, they said they could get us our money in 3 days. But that ‘s not what we were told over the phone. But it does n’t start here … when our mother tried to set up the beneficiaries for this account years ago she was told everything was set, but was always curious why not all our names were on the account. We brought this up at a branch in Florida and they said that ” all the names did not fit on the line but that it ‘s set ”. Upon further questioning, it turns out the account was set up incorrectly, and not all our names were on there. After hours of trying to get a straight answer, and dealing with rude people, the account was set up correctly. And then she passed about five months later. Shortly after, our brother who is the trustee of the accounts, went to see the procedure to get the money at a B of A located in XXXX XXXX, XXXX. He was given a form to fill out, but then the bank representative refused to notorize it, claiming ” we were not a customer of the bank ”. You meant to tell me that having more than $ XXXX in our names does not count for being a customer of a bank?? The service and ineptitude at B of A, in their XXXX, XXXX branch, their XXXX XXXX, IL branch and their XXXX XXXX branch is appaling. And what ‘s their resoning to keep our money for 15 days as part of ” policy ”? We went to the XXXX XXXX XXXX where our mom had $ XXXX and we went right up to the teller and she gave us our money. I understand credit unions are supervised by another regulator, but the Federal Reserve should look into this ” policy ” of B of A — and what ‘s that policy bringing them — probably millions of dollars in banking revenue for them. They have no right to put a so-called ” hold ” on our money.

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