Account opening, closing, or management

Recently I received my amended tax return check and made a mobile deposit into my joint checking account with my spouse. They made XXXX available and put the rest of hold until the check cleared. Two days later, They put my entire account on hold, including my husband ‘s pay roll direct deposit. They put my entire account under fraud alert stating that my check was not a real check. After numerous calls to the IRS, the confirmed that the check was legit and that they did issue it to my spouse and I. Then for no reason at all, decided to tell me that they are no longer going to keep doing business with me, and that my husband and I would have to wait 60 days to get any of the money that was in our checking account. They refuse to allow us to have any access to any of our funds, put our account on fraud alert for no reason even after it was confirmed with the irs that it was a legit check, also refused to provide any reason as to why they were refusing to do business with me anymore, Also would not give a reason why they were closing my checking account.

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