Account opening, closing, or management

Huntington Bank is attempting to UNDERMINE the CFPB and any other gov’t regulations by retaliating against consumers who report truthful and troubling policy practices.
Huntington bank closed my checking account as retaliation for reporting to the CFPB ( see case numbers XXXX and XXXX ).
If this is the new norm of financial institutions, it will severely undermine the purpose of the CFPB or any other gov’t agencies attempt for future correspondence from consumer ‘s. Unless, of course, the CFPB takes immediate action, that is recognized as a decisive deterrent.

As a result of Huntington Banks retaliation I will have several checks/payments go unpaid and returned costing me fees and hurting my relationships with the payee ‘s. THERE IS NO WAY I HAVE ANY REASON AT ALL TO TRUST HUNTINGTON BANK after everything that has transpired. Huntington mentions I can still deposit funds into my checking up to XX/XX/XXXX, but why would I trust them and what if the checks/payments I have coming in do not post by XX/XX/XXXX? I can not see any reasonable person trusting Huntington Bank who has experienced what I have experienced with them.
Let ‘s be clear on what transpired : -XX/XX/XXXX : I opened a Huntington Bank personal account and deposited {$500.00} cash – I also ordered checks and paid {$27.00} -XX/XX/XXXX deposited another {$800.00} cash -Dec. XXXX, XXXX I deposited my monthly salary check from White Tree marketing of {$9000.00} XX/XX/XXXX Huntington Banks online banking displayed the check had cleared and I had {$9500.00} available to withdrawal – XX/XX/XXXX I walked into a XXXX XXXX, Mi XXXX branch to withdrawal {$9000.00} ( this withdrawal was for an investment into my brokerage account ) however, Huntington Management refused to give me ANY funds, when I requested a reason why the police were called to escort me out of the bank ( see my previous complaints ) – Huntington ‘s investigation provided the CFPB and myself with untruthful information, therefore I responded with facts. Understand everything I have claimed with respect to Huntington ‘s untruthful information, I can back up with irrefutable facts.
Note : I am more than willing to provide these facts to any gov’t agency Days after I called Huntington Bank out for lying I received a letter from them dated XX/XX/XXXX informing me they are closing my account. ( see attached ) In this letter signed by XXXX, ( who will likely be Huntington ‘s scapegoat ) XXXX reiterates the following ” XXXX, if you have further questions, you ‘re welcome to call me directly at XXXX etc …

NOTE : I have made over a dozen attempts over the past XXXX weeks to contact XXXX, not once has she answered the phone, I always get a voice message. Therefore, XXXX ( XXXX ) times I have left a clear voice message ( the first on XXXX ). Not one time has she or anyone else returned my calls. Additionally, today XX/XX/XXXX I called the numbers at the bottom of XXXX letter, as XXXX offered and was left on hold for over XXXX minutes, the representative continued to act ignorant of my issue and Sue nor anyone else from XXXX department would take my call.

Hey Huntington Bank … ” I hear what you do NOT what you say ”

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