Account opening, closing, or management

Around XXXX XXXX, XXXX I disputed charges for transaction that totaled {$21000.00} from a company called XXXX. At that time all credit cards that had disputed transactions from this company, the issuers denied a chargeback ignoring regulations for chargeback procedures under XXXX XXXX and XXXX. for services not rendered and not as described and I also disputed for fraud as it falls under the description of unfair deceptive acts and practices. Only through my own due diligence did I discovered that XXXX has had their merchant account shutdown since XXXX. The merchant account holder was pace payments / XXXX bank which is owned by Wells Fargo. I contacted and spoke with the supervisor for pace payments and they reaffirmed the information I ‘d received from global payments regarding the questionable activity surrounding XXXX and XXXX payments closing this merchant account. According to my research the XXXX act states, that due diligence and risk management makes Wells Fargo libel and accountable for the merchants they keep and third-party payment processors. and during my dispute I was not given a chargeback there for facilitating these merchants and third-party payment processors. When I asked the supervisor to refund the money that was taken he said no and that I ‘m not his customer and that my credit card companies ripped me off. ( See XXXX ) also disputed charges with a company called the XXXX design, invention company out of XXXX Pennsylvania. I received a letter stating that the funds of been returned to my account however it did not reflect the balance and I ‘ve been arguing this fact for over one year now and still a lot of not seen the money. and now they ‘re telling me that it is too late, as if I ‘m supposed to just be OK and except that due to their mistake. On top of everything I went into a branch near my home and faxed somewhere around XXXX pages providing documentation of a contract and also FTC findings and fines of a court case against XXXX XXXX, with a {$25.00} XXXX consumer address for violations and money paid out to the FTC as well. I have diligently pursue all avenues in recouping these monies that were taken from me in all there is a total of {$70000.00} that I have lost from Wells Fargo. I spoke to the XXXX office seeking help for this situation and I was advised or told to file a private right of action even though I do n’t have an attorney. I have obtained in Ftc affidavit of identity theft XXXX police reports XXXX and things of that nature to provide support proof and documentation in my defense. I have been through warden time and time again and incorrect information as to what I can do and told my only recourse was through the merchant. also told that nothing could be done even though XXXX XXXX chargeback procedures states a 540 day window from the point of sale to dispute services not rendered defective items not as described and questionable merchant activity. This is led to the annihilation of my credits all accounts with the zero balance in good standing to be canceled and an {$800.00} a year increase on my auto insurance all professing that I am high risk. My Life as I knew it is gone and I live in fear, stress and anxiety as to how I ‘m going to provide for my daughter and fear that my home and the things that I worked for are going to have a lien against them and taken for me to pay for something that I did n’t ask for want or get and being forced to pay for. Executive office management and disputes supervisors can not be bothered to do their job. It ‘s very clear that they are not concerned with my situation nor are they going to do anything to restore me or my life back to a whole, per se. Extort

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