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I used a couple of times the world wallet services from Citibank but the last two times it has not being timely. Citibank claims that if you place the order before XXXX XXXX you get the foreign currency deliver the next day. Well, that is not true! I ordered some XXXX XXXX on Thursday XX/XX/XXXX and as of Monday XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX XXXX I have been able to obtain them. I went to the receiving branch in XXXX, XXXX on Friday XX/XX/XXXX around XXXX XXXX EST and the teller helping me, XXXX XXXX, mentioned that Corporate services told her that my name was too common and they had to do additional checks ( which I do not understand as I am a customer and they confirmed my identity through some questions ). She suggested to cancel the order and re-order so that I can changed the receiving branch as I was not going to be able to visit the XXXX branch the following week. So I did. She mentioned that even though the order was being placed after XXXX XX/XX/XXXX I was going to be able to receive my order on Monday XX/XX/XXXX after XXXX PM. Today I went to the new receiving branch at XXXX XXXX and they said that they had not received anything and that they will most probably receive it tomorrow as the order was placed on Friday after XXXX PM. At this point I am not quite sure if I will get the XXXX XXXX tomorrow and I will be traveling for business purposes on Wednesday. Last time I ordered I took Citibank two days to provide the currency. Their marketing does not seems to be real. I am very frustrated as I have been wasting time going to the branches and going through solutions that do not seem to work yet. They mentioned to call before going to the branch but in the XXXX branches I had to visit I called but they never answered. Citibank does not seem to care about customer service at least based on my experiences with this bank.

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