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In XXXX of 2016 I went under contract for a new construction home with PULTE. Along with the contract, I was presented with many documents including a single sheet ( XXXX piece of paper ) showing the proposed layout of the lot. At the time, the entire back of the subdivision, where the row of my townhome was going to be built, was not yet developed. This fact of course made it impossible for me to envision where and how my unit was going to look like.

After many delays in the building of the units, it was finally XXXX when I had the first official construction meeting with Pulte. The final week of XXXX, after they laid down the foundation, I visited the property and to my surprise, the row next to mine -also brand new-, was almost touching. What this finding meant to me was that I would not have any privacy, any common area, any green space on the back of the unit. The majority of the complex is very well thought out and most homes count with significant privacy and common grounds so I would have never imagined my house not having the same specifications.

I firmly believe there was a purposeful lack of misrepresentation. I was never provided with actual measurements of the lot and the ones being erected next to mine.

There was plenty communication between XXXX XXXX, representative for Pulte, and myself from XXXX to XXXX that could have allowed the lack of privacy on the back patio to transpire.

When I first signed the contract, there were other lots open and if I had been presented with all the facts, I would have selected a different property.

When you couple this with the significant delays in the construction of the townhome ( it was going to be finished XXXX XXXX and it is today still being built ), you can understand the detriment that this posed for my family and myself.

Additionally I had to wait XXXX additional months to list my own home for sale, missing the summer market along with the potential for a larger profit.

In the end, I decided to terminate the contract with Pulte and at that time my real estate agent and myself engaged in negotiations with the builder to try to get my initial deposit back. I paid {$6000.00} as earnest money. As of this day, Pulte has denied any refunds.

This is the purpose of my complaint. I would like to get a refund for the full {$6000.00} initial deposit. Please note that the seller put the home on the market right away and it is already under contract for a larger sales price than mine. The builder never loses!

You can see the email exchange between Pulte ‘s sales representatives and my agent.

I have worked hard to advance in life as a minority single parent and I deserve to be treated fairly and to receive as much information as it is available at the time of making life changing decisions as buying a home.

Pulte knew how important this purchase was for me given my family situation and provided that my parents were assisting me with a portion of the financing.

I thank you for your time and consideration of this request.


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