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I utilize Credit Karma to help me manage my credit score, keep track of my finances, ensure all discharged debt is removed from my credit, and to suggest help on what I can do to help lower payments and increase my credit score after bankruptcy.

Because my credit score has improved tremenbously ( because I ‘m paying my bills on-time as well as disputing debt that suppose to be removed from credit ), Credit Karma suggested to me that I should inquire with a company called XXXX to get a lower car note. I really need to get a lower payment. I ‘m paying {$330.00} a month, and with my credit score, Credit Karma is recommending that I can get my apr % down lower … .making my payments possibly around {$200.00} a month. I know that the bankruptcy and auto loan is still new and the refinancing would n’t be a good idea. I did n’t want a hard inquiry on my credit either. Now, Credit Karma knows that I filed bankruptcy and has a general idea of what my credit looks like, so I trusted that the tool would help me keep things in order. I applied for the auto refinancing loan on XXXX/XXXX/16 and was ” denied ” the same day. As of today ‘s date, the suggestion still sits on my Credit Karma account and it did n’t help me at all. I am requesting for the hard inquiry to be removed from my credit report and a clear understanding of why I was still denied the refinancing, but my credit score improved!!

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