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We applied for a refinance loan with Capitol One. We have been in the process for over four months and the underwriter has stated she will not give us a loan and does not want to work on our file any more- she will not deny us the loan because we qualify! We have a very high fico score we have never even had a late payment our whole life!! So She keeps giving us list upon list of things to answer or submit! We answer her questions and she comes up with new things- even down to making us explain properties we DO NOT own or explaining the same thing over and over again! We are now AGAIN being asked for more stuff- she is now asking for {$75000.00} dollars extra??? that goes against their agreement and good faith estimate as well as I believe their policy ( she is calculating it wrong on purpose ) she is asking for explanations we have given before and asking for lease agreements on properties we do n’t rent or own ( and have explained that before ). She is also co-mingling our corporate business with our personal funds. We are being discriminated against!!!! I ‘m not sure if its because of our ethnicity or religion?? The loan representative said we should not be going through this and was told by others in the company that this underwriter does this to many people! I ‘m curious if the loans that she stops working on or delays with ridiculous conditions ( until they go elsewhere to get loan ) have a similar connection ( race, religion ) as that is what she can see- our name or where we donate our money too! We have spoke to and submitted our documentation to other loan institutions and they say this is a simple loan that should have funded a long time ago! I am complaining ( which I normally would never do and have never done in my life ) because I truly feel we are being discriminated against and I wonder how many other people this underwriter has done this too! I can NOT believe Capitol One is doing this to people!

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