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I went to the Quicken Loans website to see what refinance rates looked like. In order to get the information I wanted, I had to enter contact information. As soon as I entered it, my phone rang with someone from Quicken who asked what I wanted to do. I told him that I was interested in refinancing my home mortgage. He said someone else would call me. The second person called and asked me what I wanted to do. I told her, and she said that if I hurried up and gave her my application information, she could get it to her underwriter as she had a meeting with this person in one hour. I completed the application and uploaded pay stubs and bank statements to her. She also ran a credit report. She called me an hour later and said that I had been approved for a loan, and that she thought that a XXXX arm would be the best for me. ( steering ). She did not discuss any other loan options. She offered me a XXXX arm with no closing costs. She said that I had to pay for an appraisal. I said that I did n’t think that was a great deal as I already had a 4.5 % 30 year conventional. She was very aggressive, and I was at work and had other things to do, so I said OK and paid for the appraisal with my credit card. The next morning, I emailed her and stated that for a savings of XXXX basis points, it was not worth it, and I wanted to withdraw the application. She responded with an email that said, ” What did I do wrong? ” I told her nothing, I just changed my mind and was going to start looking for a new house, and I did not want to refinance. I asked her to refund my appraisal fee. Later that day someone else called me to work on my loan! I told him that I had withdrawn and wanted a refund of my appraisal fee. He said that a third person would be calling me to discuss that. Keep in mind, I did not receive a good faith estimate, nor had I signed an intent to proceed. The third person called while I was at work and in a meeting. I told him that I would call him back. When I did, I got his voice mail and left him a message that I had withdrawn my loan application and wanted a refund of my appraisal fee for an appraisal that never happened. That evening the original person that I talked to emailed me and asked if I was still interested in moving forward with the application! I responded again that no, I was withdrawing. The next day a fourth person called! We have been playing phone tag, but I basically told him that I would be filing a complaint with the CFPB. No response. Today, I received notice that Quicken could not help me with my loan application because of incomplete information. Not true – I had been trying to withdraw for a week. Regulation B violation. I asked today for the name of their Chief Compliance Officer and was told that they did n’t know who that was, but that this fourth person would be calling me again. I tried calling him and got his voice mail. I am banker with 30 years experience in internal audit and regulatory compliance, and have never in my life seen so many regulations violated in XXXX transaction. I am furious. Can you help me?

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