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On XXXX XXXX, 2016 ( I closed on XXXX XXXX, 2016 ), My lending agent asked me to send him my XX/XX/XXXX bank statement as it was, apparently, missing a page. I doubted that it was ; yet, I was prepared to send it again. It was about XXXX. My lender said he needed that document within a certain amount of time ( about forty-five minutes ) or my closing would be delayed. The pressure was surely on! After several attempts by my wife to take a picture of the supposed missing page and text it to the loan agent, she was told the pictures taken again and again were not clear enough, the agent could not read the document. At least forty-five minutes had passed. The loan agent asked for my username and password associated with my bank account. I was unwittingly prepared to give it to him until my wife adamantly cautioned me against doing so. She said, No! You do n’t give out such personal information and should be skeptical of the motives of anyone, who is not supposed to, requesting such. She added ( since we could not meet the one hour deadline ) that the clear to close would just have to wait until the next day. I told the loan agent I could fax the document but it would take more than the time frame I was allotted by him. The agent acquiesced. The process took about forty-five minutes. I texted the loan agent when the document had been sent. The agent confirmed receipt by text. I am offended that the agent asked for such information. What was his motive? Under duress, I was prepared to act hastily. I feel insulted that he deemed me nave enough to break under that kind of pressure to close, dependent on his immediate receipt of the stated document. Was he trying to take advantage of the difficulties my wife and I encountered along the process of purchasing our home — — one being having had to change lenders before the loan agent of whom I now speak took over? Requesting my username and password associated with my checking account was wrong. Sketchy? Unethical? I remain indignant.

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