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Regarding : Case # XXXX Case # XXXX Cause No. XXXX In final response to Kondaur limited reply. Kondaur evicted me after they sneakily, undercover-ly knowingly and deliberately stole my house. Kondaur did not care about me as a consumer. They pretended that they were going to help ; however, their intentions were to purchase the loan from XXXX and sell the house out right! I qualified for the loan modification which they have established but refuse to comply. KCC did not reach out to me before the said ” foreclosure ” on XXXX/XXXX/2015. In which I was told, by the auctioneer at the time of the sale at XXXX XXXX that no ” foreclosure ” would be done. How can you foreclose on a house that has not been mandated to back to XXXX XXXX County- while it is in federal court? They pretended by using a CS Rep/ Relator XXXX XXXX to fill my head with the hopes that they would like to help after stealing my home, in which we paid XXXX down on. There is still unaccountable accounting information.
In regards to the bankruptcy case, it was dismissed ( a mutual agreement ) ” without prejudice ”, said the honorable judge on file. According to the judge on file in XXXX XXXX county, the case has not been mandated back to XXXX XXXX County as of XXXX XXXX, 2015, the judge did not have the liberty to move further. We have not had our date in court, unfortunately Kondaur refuses to comply in all areas and they have not given valid reason to their unlawful actions.
Sincerely, XXXX ‘ XXXX

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