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I feel the need to put this in front of the powers that be. I am a mortgage loan originator for XXXX XXXX in XXXX Florida. I have made it my goal to help my clients in everyway possible for there home purchases and refinances. I have encounter a lot of hiccups lately with dealing on new home purchases. In particular XXXX XXXX in XXXX XXXX XXXX. I have now had XXXX clients that have purchased there new homes and I have to say that even though there homes are great quality there business practices are appalling. I have to say what they do seems and sounds like Steering to me. Here ‘s why : When you enter an XXXX home you can clearly see signs about using there preferred lender for No Closing costs ( which is already a lie ) And than after telling a rep of XXXX homes that your financing has been secured they pass your information on to there preferred lender who proceeds to barrage the borrower with emails … even after telling them there is no interest in dealing with them. It is clear that steering is taking place because it is written in there contracts and told to the borrower that if you do not use our finance company than you will incur all the closing costs as opposed to paying none of them. If XXXX homes has no financial benefit from using there preferred lender than why force the fees that are traditionally covered in our area? Why penalize the borrower thousands of dollar ‘s? XXXX of there preferred lenders is FBC Mortgage from XXXX Florida. They call the client after a {$1000.00}. deposit is made and ask a couple of questions. They do not run the credit of the borrower, but still send them an approval for a loan. If the home is being built than XXXX can pocket the {$1000.00}. deposit and claim the borrower no longer qualifies and puts the home on the market. This leaves the initial person after months of waiting out of his money and a home! I have read numerous complaints online of this act. It seems criminal and I am surprised to see it continue to happen over the years with no investigation to the process. I do n’t know if you receive the complaints on this or if this is the right place for it, but I feel enough is enough with this practice and felt compelled to write about it

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