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My house payment was in the XXXX range. US BANK OFFERED A REFINANCE SO THAT WE COULD PAY OFF MY XXXX LINE OF CREDIT WITH THEM. They raised our interest rate by XXXX points. They did not pay off the XXXX line of credit that the claim I owe. My XXXX husband opened this line of credit & ai thin at least half should be removed. They face my husband ( the new one : XXXX XXXX a limited amount & only let him pay off certain debts. We now have a larger house payment, higher interest & they refuse to roll in this line of credit that ‘s chocking me. We worked again with XXXX at your branch on XXXX only to be turned down. Again & again we have been denied both by VA & US BANK. My husband & I have XXXX or better credit scores, decent income, own XXXX homed & XXXX cars. UsS bank prefers to leave me with their 16 % line of credit ( XXXX ) rather that roll that into our us bank home mortgage. Much more lucrative for them & they will likely end up Peking our house as they are chocking us with 7 % mortgage & 16 % line of credit XXXX XXXX ). My husband has SS & a great XXXX pension. Is his XXXX yr old age a factor? Iwe own XXXX homes free & clear & another only XXXX left on mortgage. The one we ‘re living in we owe XXXX thanks TO US BANK. Please advise XXXX & XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ( also their drive by appraisal of our home was very low — XXXX trailer in front that blocked the homes view..! ) we are disappointed & my husband has XXXX XXXX XXXX. His stress is now enormous that ‘s to the lies & the ” No ” s we were given. Our veterans deserve better. He has more integrity than US bank will ever know.
Cheated out of our opportunity in XXXX WA XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX WA XXXX

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