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From the start of the process XX/XX/XXXX, critical errors were made by both parties, people make mistakes. However, more recent events leading up to this complaint, and unanswered questions ; have me very concerned : The Closing Disclosure I received yesterday is missing information on the CHANGED CIRCUMSTANCE DETAIL : Date of Change : // – has Empty date??
Explanation of Change : – is missing an explanation! Really!
( Do n’t Lawyers do this part? Is there some loophole being exploited? ) At this point, I do n’t trust the lender, and fear any mortgage payments would get botched as well. Now I have ran out of time since the closing has to occur by XX/XX/XXXX, and per the lender, not enough time to use my own Lawyer for Title. Today I hear rates are going up again soon, and the cost for me to refinance now, has gone up nearly {$40000.00}, over the term of the loan.
I find it hard to believe that this was in the spirit of TRID, RESPA, TILA, or VA program requirements. These are all new terms to me, as of this last weekend.
Since XX/XX/XXXX, many of my requests, questions, and concerns relating to document accuracy ; were played down and repeatedly ignored, most questions went unanswered. I made grave errors as well, not paying attention to detail, needed to insist on the corrections that I wanted.
I gave them a copy of my Certificate of Eligibility ( COE ), XX/XX/XXXX. They had my VA Appraisal XX/XX/XXXX, around the time I was duped into signing the Loan Estimate. None of the updated information had ever been put into a revised XXXX XXXX like I had asked repeatedly. I have to wonder, are these poor people just stressed out and overworked?
My rate lock had expired XX/XX/XXXX and I was led to believe everything would get corrected. Well into XX/XX/XXXX, they insisted I needed my XXXX, even after I had information confirming the COE was all I needed. I gave them the number, and followed up numerous times, did the UW ever call? ( XXXX ) I will become an expert before I ever try this again.

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