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I began a refinance process in early XXXX. My goal was tocombine my first and second loans with a good interest rate.
I had been receiving adds from Nationstar Mortgageregarding their no appraisal fee or closing cost packages, and since I had a relationship with them, I called them first.

I was offered a good interest rate but with a 30 year loan. Idecided to proceed. It was an endless process. I was askedto resubmit a loan rate lock weekly, then seemingly moreso ; eeach time with different numbers. My fianc is a financeperson by profession and would point out issues with thenumbers to me and I went round and round with Nationstaruntil we finally came to an agreement and set up a closingdate for XXXX XXXX. I was to bring funds to closing topay for an XXXX XXXX card.

Late XXXX XXXX I got a call that the underwriters wanted anew homeowners ‘ policy as the one that I allowed them toplace for me would not suffice for the refinance package.
Really, three month ‘s later they discovered this? Admittedly, I did not know not did Nationstar advise me that this cheaperpolicy that they offered was not really a great idea in the long rrun for me. Frustrated, I set up a loan policy but needed toset up my other homes with this company as well, so it wasquite a process!

When I contacted Nationstar regarding the new policy I wasadvised that I had to start the process again but reassuredthat I would get the same terms. Again I was asked to redothe rate lock over and over and each time with bad numbers.
The loan was supposed to cover the payoffs of the XXXX loans ( roughly {$86000.00} ) plus closing costs, with credit for escrowfunds paid ; leaving a loan total of {$88000.00}. Nationstar keptcoming up with a {$90000.00} loan plus money to bring to closing.

By the end of XXXX I began to demand a closing date. Ithen received an email from an underwrited, XXXX that sheneeded Shedule E of my tax returns ( which she had ). Myloan processor apologized for her, then began to whineabout my XXXX hour workweek and how it meant that I needed tto bring more money to the table or wrap it into the loan tocover other minor bills ; most of which I had paid or about topay off. In addition I had submitted my XXXX balance ( decent ) to help with my debt to income ratio to helpqualify for the loan package that I wanted.

Then to top it off he threatened to want to dealve into myfianc ‘s finances which would have not been an issue in thebeginning of this process but ridiculous at this point. Whynow???

I am totally frustrated by the incompetence and lack ofprofessionalism on behalf of Nationstar. I feel that onlyone agent ( XXXX ) knew what he was doing and that hebecame embarrassed by the botched process inearly XXXX and has been in the background since.
I feel that Nationstar has been a disservice to me and Iam trying to get away from this company as fast as I can!

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