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I first requested a HAMP modification/ refinance XX/XX/XXXX, I had just been let go from my job and was 3 months behind on my mortgage, the man assigned to my mortgage said it was not the right time to apply because I had no income. He suggested I go on a furlough and pay {$25.00} each month instead of my full mortgage for 6 months and then apply for the HAMP ; during this time there would be no action taken on foreclosing my property. I accepted the furlough and much to my surprise at the end of the six months I was now 8 months behind in my mortgage, he NEVER said I would continue to collect months in arrears while on the forbearance. He is obligated to tell me the terms of the agreement before I agreed to the forbearance? Correct? Why I was not told?
I had difficulty getting this person to return my calls and work on the HAMP with me ; I complained at the bank location near me when I went to make a mortgage payment and was told I could not make a payment because I was in foreclosure! The lady at the bank contacted this man ‘s department and had a new person assigned to my case. He caused several weeks delay in getting the HAMP started which is now affecting my timeline to beat the foreclosure. He was the problem why am I penalized?
For the last several weeks I have been gathering documents, turning them in, getting additional requests for documents, sending those in and again getting a request for additional documents, which I just turned in yesterday. Nearly XXXX pages in total, seems they are dragging out the process on purpose to slow my progress to getting an answer on the HAMP.
I discovered on my own, the option of having a non-borrower ‘s income included in the households income for the HAMP, I believe I should have been told of this option since I have a significant other who had lived in the home for 1.5 years. He agreed to participate to help me keep the home. Why I was not informed about this option? Again it is as if they want me to fail to get the HAMP.
As I mentioned before, I was told that during this time no action would be taken toward foreclosing on my property ; however I was served with a summons on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. I believe the documents I have supplied are being sent to an underwriter as they are received, and have been getting evaluated all along, this is why they keep requesting more documents ; therefor, no action should have been taken on the foreclosure at this time. Why is this happening?
I had not secured employment, I told the bank I am having debilitating mental health issues, for which I am applying for Social Security XXXX, which can take up to 2 years. I started a XXXX ( XXXX XXXX ) which is made a XXXX ( XXXX ) I told the bank about this, they said I needed 2 years of self-employment income to be considered for the HAMP, but would try anyway.
I was not offered the additional 6 months furlough which I was qualified for, nor did they agree to make the arrears caused by the furlough into a second mortgage which would then be forgiven as part of the HAMP modification. Why am I not being offered all options available to me?
The bank also told me the only thing they will do if I qualify for the HAMP is make my mortgage ( which I have been paying on for 15 years ) into a 40 year mortgage.
My interest rate for the last 15 years has been 6.4 %, more than double the rates over the last 6 years, why not give me a concession there?
My principle balance is {$65000.00}, I paid {$92000.00} for the home in XX/XX/XXXX and it has at least {$40000.00} in equity at this time. Why not reduce the principle. Why are all the options on the Governments HAMP site NOT being offered/considered for my case?
Someone please help me.

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