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XX/XX/XXXX or XX/XX/2016 we contacted Churchill Mortgage ( recommended by XXXX XXXX ) and asked about a refi of our house while rates were down. We explained upfront that we had a prior Ch. XXXX Bankruptcy that was over 2 years discharged and included a property that was surrendered and foreclosed. They said that was not an issue and that they could handle the loan. We proceeded to spend 2.5 months trying to get a rate lock and confirmation from them ; I have attached SOME of the very many, many emails. First they tried to force us to sign an application ( filled out by them ) that had incorrect information including my incorrect name, job, loans- I refused to sign a false document even though they pressed me to and said it did n’t matter. Finally they agreed to let me fix the errors. Then they repeatedly asked for documents which we sent multiple times via multiple avenues ( email ; fax ) ; they kept losing them, kept requesting them ; finally they said they could get them in-house ; then they said they could not. We were told so many times that they had everything only to come back needing some document we had already sent. They dragged this on for so long that rates have gone up and now they simply wo n’t communicate with us at all. We want a refund of the approximately XXXX $ they charged us for a credit check and they should, in our opinion, pay us some kind of damages for leading us down a path when we now can not get the 3.65 % ( approx ) rate that they said we would get when this started! What kind of damages is that if they wo n’t close the loan at the original rate told to us?? Furthermore, they do n’t even know the XXXX loan laws! They have known for months that the ( old ) property at issue was part of a BK surrender/foreclosure- but they ca n’t seem to read BK documents, Orders, discharges, and deeds to see what happened and are NOW, 2.5 months LATER telling us it appears we have to wait 7 years post foreclosure? No, that is not the law! These people are incredibly disorganized, poor communicators, if not outright fraudsters. We have lost months of finding a lower rate loan due to their continued promises that all was well. Now they have simply shut down communicating. We want this closed at the original rate told! Please see attached emails which are a small portion of many.

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