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I contacted Cash Call for a refinance 30 year conventional fixed rate loan. I had several issues with the company that I believe violate certain laws, as well as a few unscrupulous practices that may only flirt with legal boundaries.

I ‘ll start from severity of voilations …

1 ) I was XXXX documents for me to sign and look over including disclosures. As I was reading through these documents I arrived at XXXX pages of loan application/tax request forms etc for someone other than my wife and I. They sent me a Cash Call completed ( typed and printed ) copy of a couple whom I ‘ve never met. It has their SSN on multiple pages as well as bank accounts, Debt, Credit and a ” Request for Transcript Tax Return ”! I fear that my wife and I ‘s identity sits in the hands of a company that does n’t have the system in place to mail the correct and crucially important information to the proper recipient. I have no idea where my information could possibly be landing and the scary part is that I doubt they know either.
In the wrong hands, identity theft or Tax fraud would be very easy. I brought this up to them in an email and they did not respond to it … it was ignored. I even told them that I believed this was a violation of the CFPB, RESPA, and/or FTC and still, ignored.

2 ) We started the loan process as usual, filling out forms etc and it was n’t until later that I saw something that said they were going to pay off our XXXX car lease. Cash Call moves incredibly fast and we spoke and/or emailed on a daily basis and I was never told that we would be paying off a car lease. The lease was due XX/XX/XXXX and around XX/XX/XXXX I was asked told that the car would be paid off. How can a company decide what car my family will purchase? I believe that they structured this to their benefit without consulting with the needs of the consumer and hoped to not meet resistance. In summary, they told me that without the XXXX car lease being paid off, the deal could n’t happen.

3 ) I was told that the rate was locked, but many of the documents emailed ( including the ones XXXX to me ) said that it was not locked. When I asked them about it they told me that it was and emailed me a copy that had the ” rate lock ” box checked off. Later as I was going through the documents that were XXXX to me, I saw in BOLD writing that the ” rate will be floating in the market and will be locked when we draw closing documents ”. I brought this up to them via email on XX/XX/XXXX and it was ignored. It just seemed odd to me that all the documents I was getting were inconsistent.

Toward the end I asked several questions, calling them out on the inconstancies and I was never responded to in email. I even asked to be responded to in email, but all I got were several requests to call them.

I find phone conversations about these kinds of issues to be disadvantageous for the consumer since there will never be a record of what was said. in fact, I have a couple other minor complaints, but there is no way to prove them so I ‘ll let those go.

I have evidence of all the above via an email chain as well as the actual paperwork that was sent to me along with the XXXX envelopes they were sent in.

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