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My name is XXXX XXXX and I am a Navy Federal member with multiple accounts such as savings, credit cards and car loan. Based on my great personal past experience with Navy Federal services I decided to also apply for a home mortgage loan.

I applied for a home mortgage loan through Navy Federal on Wednesday XXXX/XXXX/16 in which the submission confirmation said I would be contacted within 24-48 hours. On Friday I followed up with NFCU however my loan was not yet assigned a loan officer and the local office was not responding.

Monday XXXX/XXXX/16 I get a call from XXXX XXXX ( ext XXXX ) around XXXX to confirm the information on my application and we went through some questions I had. He advised I would be receiving a preapproval letter and confirmation within 24 hours. A couple minutes after the call I decided to call back for a final question however he was unavailable and left him voicemail for his return call back later that afternoon.

Tuesday XXXX/XXXX/16 Around XXXX with no return call yet nor preapproval email from XXXX XXXX I decided to call and he advised the operator that he was again unavailable and for me to leave another voicemail for him to call back later that afternoon. At this point I requested to speak to a supervisor – whom was also unavailable – and got directed to the voicemail of XXXX XXXX ( ext XXXX ). After leaving her a voicemail I decided to call another loan officer XXXX XXXX ( ext XXXX ) whom I ‘ve spoken with before my application – and has been extreme help – for guidance. She contacted XXXX XXXX and he reluctantly took my phone call.

What transpired once he took the phone call absolutely floored me – not only being a Navy Federal member but just a consumer in general.
After I greeted him ” Good morning – this is XXXX XXXX ” his reply – almost verbatim – was ” I stopped what I was doing to get your phone call. Is this an emergency?! ” Needless to say this came as a complete shock to which I replied ” I ‘m sorry I do n’t like your tone. ” To which he repeated – in an even louder and more menacing tone ” IS THIS AN EMERGENCY? “. At this point the conversation went downhill – as much as I tried advising XXXX XXXX regarding his tone towards me it was indifferent to him. He proceed to state if I would like another loan officer assigned to my loan application which I quickly replied to him yes.

Later that day – I finally received a call back from XXXX XXXX apologizing for the situation with the previous loan officer. She advised me that somehow my application amount was changed from {$200000.00} to {$150000.00} and she would resubmit for {$200000.00} with she verified all my income and debt information once again over the phone. At this point she advised I would hear back from here by the next day ( XXXX XXXX ) or Thursday at the latest XXXX XXXX ).

Wednesday and Thursday came and went with no communication whatsoever. Friday morning I sent an email and followed up with a call – which got directed to voicemail. I have been unable to reach anyone since then in regards to the status of my application.

At this point I have felt that they have more than exceeded the three business day requirement to provide me with a loan estimate based on my initial application substitution on XXXX/XXXX/16 and then my follow up call with XXXX on XXXX/XXXX/16 as per regulations 1026.19 ( e ) and 1026.37. As a consumer I feel I have nowhere else to go but the CFPB in order to get this resolved. If I do not get a Loan Estimate within the next 24 business hours I would like my application retracted and my hard inquiry from Navy Federal Credit Union on all XXXX credit bureaus removed immediately.

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