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I refinanced my mortgage loan from US Bank through XXXX XXXX. I was told that I should receive a check for approx. {$700.00} – {$800.00}. I eventually received a check for {$200.00}. I have tried 3 times to try to resolve, US Bank treated me horrible. On the XXXX time the gentleman from XXXX XXXX conferenced called with me it took a hour and approx 15 minutes did not get anywhere at all. I am told that I should have received {$270.00} times XXXX plus the XXXX making a total of {$750.00}. It seemed when explained by XXXX XXXX US Bank did n’t want to understand him at all, totally frustrated when it was completing explained in simple math and simple english. XXXX the rep we were talking to seemed not very versed in mortgage lingo. He talked circles and ignored the direct question that was asked a number of times, way more then should have been. He then towards the end of the call says he could n’t help any further and i got back what I needed to get back. Then he proceeds to tell us XXXX still on conference call ) that I would have to contact the pay off/customer service number and they will further help me. I basically stated that the pay off/customer service could n’t be the same and I do not!!!!! want to start all over again there was and extension given but when I turned around to proceed to call the given number in fact it was want I guessed it would be all over again with customer service so i decided to ask for the pay off dept to discuss my problem and according to her she like says ca n’t get ahold of pay off then do not have direct lines, phones for customer ‘s to talk to them. Then i asked what the XXXX digit ext was and she told me its a branch pay off to get the verbal pay off COMPLETELY WENT CIRCLES!!!!! I would like the rest of my money returned to me ASAP as I ‘m in need more then the XXXX dollar bank is. Here are the phones number and extensions that were given to me.
US Bank XXXX XXXX no transfer when i used this XXXX customer service/pay off dept ext. XXXX ( not an extension ) XXXX ext XXXX. The gentlemen in which we spoke to his name is XXXX? his direct line XXXX. He stated he was a supervisor? I have a check for XXXX the remaining is XXXX. I was told this amount was taken out twice, in pay off then taken out of the refund escrow.
Thank you

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