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It started at XXXX Putting an application in for the principal reduction program. They transferred my account to SLS .I had Hud and KYHC trying to help but I had 3 years of taxes to file before they could complete the app.I could not do that in time so they had to close the case. I searched and found American Foreclosure Prevention ( AFP ) .First we did my tax returns, then completed the app to submit to SLS. I was approved for the HAMP TIER 2 Program.. Then I had to make 3 trial payments of {$2000.00} on time starting with XXXX/XXXX/XXXX XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and XXXX/XXXX/XXXX before SLS would send permanent documents to sign. I kept in close contact by calling 2 times a week for status updates. my single point of contact kept telling me its still in underwriting but it should be by the end of the weekEven on the day before I was denied he said I should have the documents to complete this approved loan. Before XX/XX/XXXX I get an email from SLS stating I was denied.I replied instantly with a letter denying what they said I did.They blamed me for withdrawing my application.I was on fire! That was their only excuse for the denial listed.Then I called them and XXXX, my contact, was not available so i was hooked up with agent XXXX who told me it had to be a mistake, put me on hold.She came back trying to explain that there was a mistake by the underwriters for approving the loan. I was furious because I thought I had already proved I could make the payments and had secured a fixed at 3.625 % loan with a principal reduction set to the current market value of {$380000.00}, their written appraised amount. So, I had my 3rd party XXXX XXXX from XXXX get back in this mixed up loan denial of approved loan extended mistaken discussion. All SLS did was made several delayed pass the buck around to put me closer to the deadline of a foreclosure sale date. They only gave XXXX choice. Start over by reapplying and updating the documents puting in a new intention form to keep my house and so on. I thought that was not going to help. They already have proven to me what they are capable of doing by putting me as the blame. I did not withdraw my application and should not have to start over. XXXX insisted I start faxing him updated bank statements and all the documents that are required. Meanwhile I start receiving letters from SLS that include me already applied but are missing documents. Another notice saying they received the other needed docs and evaluated me for several loan that were all denied. Again I am told I applied the XXXX time and getting denied for the HAMP loans but approved for Their StandardTrial to Modification loan. That has terms of a step XXXX arm which basically is mostly @ {$2700.00} with a balloon in XX/XX/XXXX of {$250000.00} … Also the unpaid principal jumps to {$730000.00} from {$570000.00}. Does this sound more affordable? SLS wants my decision by XXXX/XXXX/XXXX

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