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My estimated closing date is XXXX for a condo purchase ( today is XXXX ). All throughout the month I have been reaching out to Bank of America proactively to ask for status, to push for things to get done. For the past week, I have had to push even more because they could not come up with a closing date or provide an update on when my loan can be approved, even though I provided everything they asked me to provide. They provided me with a closing disclosure yesterday without explaining the urgency of me reviewing it ; it was only when my agent told me the importance and urgency that I realized if I did n’t review it there would be implications. Luckily I reviewed it before the day was over. With 2 days to closing, and with the seller pushing for a closing date, and with me not knowing my living situation as my lease is expiring and I am to move out of my current unit by the end of the week, Bank of America ‘s answer is on my pushing for a closing date is as follows : ” I ca n’t tell you a 100 % date that this will happen because we are working as fast as we can to approve the loan. I believe there is greater than a 50 % chance that the loan will be final approved this week and an extremely high chance of final approval being done next week. ” Does Bank of America expect everyone to just be flexible with their living situations ( including my leasing office in my current unit, and the next tenant to move in ) and just pick up and go whenever they decide to come up with a closing date?? No matter how many times I pointed this out to them, my statement gets ignored. They tell me they have a backlog of applications to review. If they are so overwhelmed with applications, they should not accept that many to begin with! It is unreasonable to assume that a consumer should suffer and put their live on hold because of a bank ‘s ” backlog ”, and not provide a consumer with an expected date. For now, I have had to plan to rent a temporary accommodation and put my life on hold until Bank of America decides when it is of their convenience to come back with a closing date to us.

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