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My Complaintwith Regions Bank, I ‘ve been working with Regions Bank since XX/XX/XXXX on getting approved for a loan on a townhome property, this property is a short sale which means we had to wait for an approved contract. In XX/XX/XXXX my loan was approved by Regions Bank & sent to the closing attorney office for a closing. Regions Bank was well aware that this was a townhome, however we did n’t close because the house contract expired due to Regions Bank appraisal delay.
Why did Regions bank allow me to get a new contract on the townhouse and allowed my loan file to stay in the pipeline with Regions Bank from XX/XX/XXXX through XX/XX/XXXX until we received another contract from sellers bank on XX/XX/XXXX? This new contract was sent from the attorneys office to Regions bank 8-10 days ago at that point the loan file was being processed again. Once again Regions bank is well aware that this is a townhome. Today on XXXX XXXX XXXX., I was told my loan is approved than all of a sudden late afternoon almost the close of business I ‘m told we have a problem FHA is saying its a condo. This distressing message is relayed to me by my loan specialist and not a manager who at this point should be on the phone calling me, the customer to explain how any of this can happen. How can a professional, financial institution have not known for five months and also how is it possible that I had and approved loan ready to close from Regions Bank to attorneys office in XX/XX/XXXX with no problems!
Is there is an underlining issue? The loan is only ( {$49000.00} ). Is the issue that I am XXXX? Is it because I am a woman? or Is it because I am a minority woman?
Please investigate the protocol on this home loan process with Regions Bank.

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