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I applied for a mortgage on a home that was sold at a foreclosure auction in XXXX XXXX. I contacted Citibank and was assisted by XXXX XXXX who advised that she would expedite the application process due to the time constraints of the foreclosure purchase process. I submitted payment in the amount of {$760.00} for the application and appraisal report as requested by XXXX. I provided all my financials, proof of funds, copy of the contract, and was praised for my outstanding credit score and low debt ratio. However after 3 weeks of waiting, we were informed that the contract provided by the referee was not sufficient for Citibank. We provided the bank with a copy of the NY State XXXX citing the format of a foreclosure contract, and advised the bank that this was the only legal document permitted to be issued by the referee to me for the house. I did not get a response from the bank at all in regards to this issue. During this time, the attorney for city bank reached out to my lawyer to discuss a closing date! This was very perplexing as I had not heard back from XXXX. I was then contacted by XXXX XXXX, a personal processor at Citibank, who advised he would be reviewing my file and working with the underwriter to assist me. An appraisal was scheduled ( and paid for ), and performed on XXXX XXXX, 2016. The appraiser congratulated me on the impeccable condition of the home considering it was a foreclosure and advised that I would have the appraisal report I paid for in 1 weeks time. A week later, we were issued a document, seemingly called an ” appraisal ”, which contained only photos and reasons why the loan was being declined. This is not what I paid {$760.00} for. The format of the appraisal should have stated the name of the appraisal company employed to perform the research/inspection of the house on behalf of Citibank including the appraiser ‘s name and the supervisory appraiser ‘s name who reviewed the report and confirmed the appraiser ‘s analysis. In addition, the report should have contained the appraiser ‘s license/certification number. The report should also include the address/legal description of the house along with specific details such as the size, zoning, flood zone information, room count, etc. Most importantly, the appraisal report should have included a VALUE of the home based upon a sales comparison report of other homes that are most similar to the home I am purchasing. It should have included a minimum of XXXX houses. I received none of this information. Additionally, I was told that the loan was being denied due to Fannie Mae guidelines. I contacted a representative at Fannie Mae who stated that no such guidelines existed and that what I was being told was false. Then I was told that the loan was being denied due to the condition of the home, XXXX of the items being illegal partitions and bathroom in the basement. I went on the DOB website and pulled the approved permits for this work and forwarded it to the bank to show them that the work was in fact performed legally. I contacted XXXX and XXXX who then passed me off to XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, the producing Lending Manager / VP of Citibank who took all of my information and told me he would be passing it along to XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX Area Lending Manager of Citibank, who would call me to discuss. After 3 days of silence, and my closing date fast approaching, I reached out to XXXX with hopes that he would review all the facts and assist me. He told me that he did not receive the information I sent to XXXX ( emails that XXXX was also copied on ), and that the house was inhabitable and therefore they were denying the loan. As a foreclosure, what ‘s the bank expecting the condition of the house to be in? I am being discriminated against for no reason, and no one has the desire to assist me or give me a true reason for my denial.

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