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I refinanced my home with MLD mortgage. They were so eager to get me refinanced, they were in a rush to get my loan done. They promised me that my old mortgage with XXXX would be paid off on or by XXXX XXXX 2015 and I would not be drafted for my old mortgage company. Paper work was signed & I was not suppose to pay for my new mortgage until XXXX XXXX,2015. I did everything on my part and everything turned upside down when my old mortgage was drafted on XXXX XXXX Because MLD mortgage failed to pay off my old loan on time ( it was paid of by XXXX XXXX ). I have been battling MLD mortgage for the past few months and I am mentally exhausted. The company MLD hired to service my loan ( XXXX XXXX ) told me I did not have to make my first payment until XXXX XXXX. However MLD has been after me to pay XXXX payment when I have continuously told them that my XXXX payment was not due because of their error ( the XXXX payment was applied by XXXX XXXX to go to my new mortgage ). Another red flag is the paper work I signed does not reflect the pay off amount, its off by over {$1000.00}.
I do not know who to turn to, every time MLD tells me they will work it out for me, I get another phone call telling me I owe for XXXX & I ‘m back at square one. NOW as of today when I went to go to make my online payment, XXXX XXXX informs me that my loan will now be serviced by another company. I regret 100 % refinancing with this company, I get harassed every week by this company, despite the fact I have physical paper work confirming my account. Can you please let me know who I can complain to or who I can go over my mortgage paper work to see if my refinance was done correctly?! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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