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My husband and I were working with XXXX with Hancock Mortgage and asked if we should cancel the contract on a house we were looking to purchase because of some credit issues. XXXX told us no, do not cancel because he had the deal done after we paid a few things off, which we did EXACTLY what he told us to do. After we paid an auto loan off ( of more than XXXX $ ) he told us he had submitted our file to the VA and we had to wait on the clear to close from them. Two weeks went by, and I was asking on a daily basis if he had heard anything from the VA and he kept telling me no nothing yet. The final extension was about to expire on the contract and then out of the blue XXXX informed us and our agent, XXXX XXXX, that the file ” never left the processor ‘s desk ” – meaning, it was stuck under some paperwork and was never submitted to the VA for approval. Because of this, he lied every single day that I or my agent asked him about the file. Each and every day he continued ” he was watching the VA portal and it was still pending ”. How could it have been pending if it was never submitted? Because the seller ‘s agent refused to do another extension they wanted the contract canceled. My agent sent paperwork asking to release our earnest money but the seller ‘s refused because of the time it was off the market. Mind you, this was n’t our fault. We did everything the loan officer told us to do and we were told we were waiting on the VA for the final approval to go to the closing table. So, we ended up negotiating {$350.00} split between us and the sellers. But, it is n’t fair that we lost our money at all because I had asked XXXX multiple times should we just cancel within the time frame so that we would n’t lose that money, we were n’t in a position to lose {$700.00}! He kept promising me everything was ok ( including the real estate agent ). And, I feel that since they were the sole reason we lost the {$350.00} that they should reimburse us this amount. The mortgage company did reimburse us the appraisal fee but refused to reimburse any other fees ” because that ‘s real estate for you ”. Yet, if they had n’t lied and were n’t deceitful towards us we would n’t have been out any money what so ever. XXXX XXXX tried making me feel bad they he had to pay for a ” rapid rescore ”. I did n’t ask for the rapid rescore. My husband and I were given a very specific list of things to tackle for XXXX to approve the loan. We did EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON THIS LIST and was still lied to throughout the entire process. I want my {$350.00} that my husband and I are out.

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