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WELLS FARGO N.A.A and WELLS FARGO N.A . both refuse to Rescind the ‘alleged ‘ contract as they believe they have done their just duty. The previous Rescission letter exposed their fraud. They do n’t deny the fraud, only hoping to get away with fraud on the bases of the ” catch me if you can within 3 years ” clause, but ignores there is no statute of limitation on Fraud as we now know they have committed using ” constructive contract fraud ”. Disclosure is that XXXX was unregistered and used Wells Fargo ‘s rented/charter lenders license to guise as the lender. Through trickery, created such a contract that we be co-tenants. Also we are aware banks do not have money to lend as the bankruptcy of XX/XX/XXXX took lawful money out of circulation in exchange for FRN notes ( debt instruments ), only the people are releasing credits with the execution of signatures which my wife and I did, funding our own home purchase, NO BANK nor ” alleged lender ” ever gave us a loan. We authorized the release of CREDITS, therefore, how can we be debtors. They are the debtors and THEY OWE US ( FRAUD AND DECEPTION ). As Contract Owners, we are Rescinding, Terminating, Contracting the ” alleged loan, due to contract fraud. Contracts are consummated with signatures of at least two consenting parties, only our signatures were on the alleged contract with another company, therefore, no contract existed from the beginning, only their evil practice, ” constructive contract fraud ”, thievery and deceit. Amendment 4 article 1 of Constitution says We The People only not businesses ” HAVE THE POWER TO RELEASE CREDITS ”. They should be put out of business and never allowed to deal with the public peoples again as they are extremely corrupt in all their practices and cause harm to honest hard working Americans. I am a Veteran, have served my time in the military, to give evil this kind of freedom to defraud and degrade those of us who have sacrificed labor and lives to be handled with such disrespect.? The dwindling integrity of this ONCE use to be great country is happened to America because practices such as what has taken place is allowed to take place daily through banking and mortgage fraud upon THE PEOPLE. We have served them with GSA forms XXXX ” Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract ”, XXXX ” Consent of Surety ”, XXXX ” Payment Bond For Other Than Construction Contracts, and XXXX ” Performance Bond For Other Than Construction Contracts ” to Terminate the initial ” alleged contract ” which took place on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and at the same time ceased to exist on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX ( mentioned in XXXX XXXX response ) due to tricks, deceit, breach of trust, and ill will. These forms exposes their fraud as my wife and I have been treated as ” SURETY ‘ for a ” loan ” that never was given. So they loan us our own credits, who need them to do that! THIS IS MASSIVE FRAUD. The all capped name is the SURETY for offsetting debts, We have a XXXX filing in both of our names giving us the Superior Claim to the all capped names. I am requesting that OMB also get expedited copies of this complaint. Attached documents reflect WF ‘s response not to honor our contract termination request while constantly extending their time to respond. Senior Vice President, XXXX XXXX XXXX expected to complete the process on or before XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. XXXX XXXX ” Executive Resolution Specialist ” is vague, as she can not seem to determine if WF ‘s fraudulent actions and refusal to correct the fraud is appropriate or not as she states ” we will not be rescinding the foreclosure sale. “, but ” We are still verifying the validity of the foreclosure action and a possible elimination of the debt. ” XXXX XXXX is double speaking. Double speaking disguises the nature of the truth, language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. We are now preparing to file a ” claim ”.

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