Application, originator, mortgage broker

Selene financed submitted a letter dated XXXX/XXXX/XXXX concerning Case # XXXX on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX ( Validation of Debt Notice ). This letter was never delivered to me. We were not given the opportunity to dispute this debt since Selene DID NOT send it to us. If it had been sent, We would have definitely disputed the amount. We were current on our mortgage until XXXX, XXXX, when we fell on hard times. We were granted a Forbearance from XXXX XXXX through XXXX XXXX, which we satisfied, therefore, how can Selene say we are in default beginning XXXX XXXX? XXXX! Now XXXX entities are Dual Tracking – XXXX & Selene Financing. Selene is in talks with us concerning various modification options and XXXX continues to proceed with foreclosure. We were not given our Due Process because we were not informed. We have found many documents recorded in the XXXX XXXX ‘s office claiming XXXX mailed or delivered documents to us, were NOT mailed or delivered to us. We will continue to notify govt entities and make them aware of these unscrupulous acts.

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