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We obtained an FHA mortgage in XXXX 2009 with XXXX XXXX. Shortly thereafter within the same year XXXX XXXX was shut down by the Federal govt. Our mortgage was shipped to XXXX in Virginia. We ran into numerous problems that they did not provide to us ( i.e., original Title policy charged in orig. mortgage, asking us to pay {$10.00} a document when we submitted a QWR asking for the Assignment of Note from XXXX XXXX & discrepancies in Settlement charges ). From 2009 until present, XXXX has given us a plethora of Assignments – XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX. Approx a yr ago, we received notice form Selene Financing informing us that they would be servicing the Loan. After some months, they informed us that they were the Lender, even though they did n’t identify themselves as such when sending us correspondence. They were acting as servicers for XXXX. We asked who sold them the Loan and if they would send us a copy of the Assignment. They told us XXXX sold them the Note, and Selene mailed us a copy of the recorded Note with the FHA #, LoanCare ‘s acct #, and the MIN # blackened out. What I ca n’t fathom is how could XXXX sell the Note/Assignment when they have NO Assignment from XXXX XXXX?! I ‘ve asked XXXX on several occasions to produce the Title policy included in the original mortgage but their response was ” We have nothing to do with the origination of the loan. ” I ‘m sure Selene will give us the same response. Does this mean XXXX, Selene and whomever comes along out of these tranches can lay claim to the property and not explain the services & charges that were not performed in the origination of the loan? We would like a resolution but we are so very hesitant to deal with these entities.

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